what to expect

{Preparing for your session}

If you want the full luxury experience, the best option to make yourself look your best is to have your hair and make-up styled by a professional. I list several local hair and make-up artists to help if you need one. If you choose to do your own hair and make-up, then your hair should be down, loose, and light on product. This gives us more options during the session.

Makeup should fit your outfit – softer and more natural for casual attire, dark and dramatic for sexier looks.  Don’t feel like your makeup should be extra heavy for photos – the way your makeup looks in person is exactly how it will photograph.  Lip gloss/stick and fake eyelashes are fantastic enhancements and are encouraged! The key areas are the eyes and the lips!

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, but avoid facials or waxing for 1-2 days before your session as they can cause redness. Please be well moisturized prior to your session. Make sure that areas that can be seen in your chosen outfits are groomed if you don’t want hair showing in your images.

Feel free to bring a friend with you. I find that it helps make you more comfortable and they offer lots of support!

Wear something non-restrictive to the studio. Garments with elastic often leave unsightly lines and redness.

{About the studio}

We will be shooting in my in home studio unless other arrangements are made prior to the session. 

{Helpful tips}

If you have any other questions about what to bring or how to prepare for your session, please let me know. It’s ok to bring too much. We can pick out the most flattering items once you arrive to your session!

{LuxeMod Policies}

If you want to cancel your photo shoot your session fee is non-refundable.

You must give 24 hours notice for rescheduling a photo shoot to apply the fee to another date and time.

If you give notice less then 24 hours in advance, cancel the same day, or do not reschedule to another date your fee will be forfeit.

You can only reschedule your session one time.

If you are more then 30 minutes late for your session it is considered a cancellation, fee is forfeit, and the session can be rescheduled with a new session fee.

If you are running late please call and let me know that you will be late and your expected time of arrival. Your session will end at the scheduled time so being late will cut into your session time.

This is a women only adult environment. Men, children, and pets are not permitted in the studio.

I may have multiple appointments throughout the day. Please do not arrive too early because I may not be available and the studio may not be ready.

If you have a very bad sun burn or bad spray tan, then it is best to reschedule your session.